01 August 2010

The Baker's Nuts : The Intro

Welcome to “The Baker's Nuts.” I'm not exactly sure how you found this site (I'm assuming that 99.9% of the people reading this are friends and family, my sympathies to anyone who is not) but this is a baking journal written by a guy who could potentially drive you nuts (or to nuts). Although not all recipes I post will have a nut theme (I can guarantee most will not), I am a person who believes whole heartedly that peanut butter, peanuts, and nuts make everything better.

Why the name exactly? Well, as someone who went through school for English I appreciate that the name can be interpreted in three ways (although not necessarily in three grammatically correct ways), and the fact that it evokes my sense of humour (as well as the aforementioned nutty obsession) :).

My hope is that someday someone without obligation to read this will attempt a recipe I have posted or use a tip I have suggested (or at the very least read one post before deciding that I'm completely insane :))

So that's that.

Post one done.

~ Adam

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