31 October 2010

Just one more reason my mother is so great (A quick Halloween post)

Imagine you are 6 or 7 years old once again. It's Halloween and you have been anxiously waiting for hours to finally begin trick or treating. You wonder how much candy you're going to get this year, and hope that no boxed raisins make their way into your bag.

Your a big kid now, so your parents no longer come to the door with you. Instead they wait patiently at the end of the driveway as you make your way towards the front porch of the next house. Your haul has been good so far, but it could always be better.

As you walk towards the door you feel the anticipation building and you imagine the wonderful treat that will soon make its way into your bag.

You knock.

You hear a dog barking.

The door swings open and you are greeted with a bright face full of excitement.

“TRICK OR TREAT!” You exclaim with enthusiasm.

The nice woman comments on your costume, but you can't hear her anymore, your eyes have locked onto her outstretched hand.

Your eyes are wide, your mouth open, because this is what you see:

That's right, those are full sized chocolate bars. My mother has managed to once again raise the bar on treats for Halloween this year. No longer content with giving out a bag containing two small chocolates, two candies and a bag of chips to each kid. This year those that come to our front door are greeted with a full sized Aero, Kit Kat, Crunchie, Smarties, or M&Ms Minis.

Yup she's just that awesome.


~ Adam

P.S. There will also be a recipe post this week, either later tonight or tomorrow.


  1. Allison Marcucci1/11/10 3:56 PM

    Mmmmm... I want a Crunchie. These English kids with their no halloweening don't know what their missing.

  2. You people and your Crunchies, I just don't understand it :).

  3. Mmm Crunchies, my favourite!! Since both you Mom and I are Leo's, great minds think alike. I usually give out full sized chocolate bars too. Now that Halloween is over it's time to start Christmas baking!!

  4. It was just so much fun to give the chocolates out. One little girl made my day and my week with her joy when she exclaimed "Oh my goodness, Thank you soooooo much " What a doll. Thanks Adam for your comments. Love Mom