13 December 2010

The Happy Mistake: A Semi-Sweet Retraction

I made a lot of chocolate chip cookies yesterday afternoon. Four dozen to be exact (plus two). I was making them to bring into work so I wanted to use a recipe that would allow me to shamelessly promote my blog :). And since I really wanted to bring chocolate chip cookies, my choices were obviously limited :).

Despite the fact that I had made them before, I was still shocked at how thin and unattractive they were. Each cookie looked like it had some type of chocolate chip disease. I then began to question my desire to bring them into work. Although I agree with my mother that taste is far more important than look, as a baker, we are expected to produce items that tastes great, smell wonderful, and look appealing. There is simply no baking equivalent of the sloppy joe. Although my cookies might be close :).

Looking back at my altered recipe as well as the original, I realized my error lied in reading comprehension. In my initial post I halved the recipe and apparently got the idea that the unaltered recipe used 1 cup of chocolate chips, which I promptly equated with 12oz. So obviously a ½ cup is 6oz. Because I wanted to increase the chocolate chips by a ¼ cup, the overall amount of chocolate chips became 9oz for a half recipe or 256g. In actuality this is approximately 1 ½ cups. That's a lot of chocolate!

This definitely explains why my cookies are so thin and do not resemble the images that accompany the original recipe. Regardless, they taste good. How good? Really good. I kept fifteen cookies for my family, and there were only two left in a matter of hours (and I only ate one). As well, everybody at work seemed to enjoy them. It was a quiet day, so most walked away with more than one and I didn't hear any complaints :).

The recipe has since been updated. If you used the ¾ cup value I had listed, I'm sorry the cookies did not come out as chocolatey as advertised. If you used the 256g value, I'm sorry for your expanding waste line :). Psst, if you haven't tried either, I'd err on the side of more chocolate :). While we're on the topic, white chocolate also works extremely well, adding a nice creaminess to the flavour.

Now that this mystery has been solved, I'm curious about one last thing. How good are the originals? Better? Worse?


You smell that?

Smells like a Christmas vacation cookie experiment :)

~ Adam

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