23 April 2011

Waskerley wabbit, where's my chocolate?

I've been in the kitchen since 1PM and didn't have all my recipes picked out until late last night, Easter just seemed to sneak up on me this year. But I got through it, and hopefully all the new introductions to my recipe box turned out okay. I guess I'll find out :).

Of course we have to start at the top left with my Banana Bread, which even if everybody hated, I would make on principle (I love it too much :)). Next to those are Coffee Flavoured Cookies with Toffee Bits, good enough to give you a caffiene buzz from the few I've tasted :). Up front and right, there is a cary over from last Easter that I dubbed "Fancy Snickers." Although this is an improved version, half of which is cashew and the other half peanut (curious as to which I like more). And then finally at the bottom left is a White Chocolate Brownie (is it really a brownie at that point?) with chocolate cookie pieces. I was going for a Cookies and Cream thing, hopefully it worked :).

And then there's these.... I felt, for some reason, that I hadn't done enough.

Granted, they literally took 10 minutes. They're Peanut Butter and Honey Cornflake Drops...or something... not bad from what I've tasted, could use some salt maybe.

I will try and get all of these recipes up as soon as I can.

So that's what I've been doing today. Tomorrow afternoon I just have to bake some cornbread for Easter dinner and I'm all set to dine on my Grandmother's wonderful and extravagant meal (TWO LASAGNAS!!....and tonnes more! :)).

Happy Easter all! And if you don't celebrate Easter have a wondeful day and eat a cookie for me :).


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