18 August 2011

This is Decompressing

Vacation! Yup, it's that time again when I take a week off and shield myself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A chance to relax, a chance to bake, and a chance to eat too much fried food (more on that later). Fret not though (I can tell you're worried), I will have an update on Sunday and hopefully get back into my regular Sunday update routine (they've been a little sporadic recently).

So how am I going to spend my vacation?

Tonight I've baked some banana bread because tomorrow morning I am on my way to the cottage! Super excited (as usual) to spend the weekend breathing fresh air and spending time with my grandparents. Unfortunately it's going to rain (as usual) but I don't care, it's not why I go. And different this year is that it won't just be me, so my grandmother will have multiple people to use for leftover cleanup :).

As well, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE, or just “The Ex”) opens up tomorrow. A gigantic fair full of rides, games, shops, but most importantly FAIR FOOD! Beaver Tails, Funnel Cakes, Fried Snickers, and TINY TOM DONUTS! Enjoy the spectacle of watching them go from the fryer, to a bag, shaken with sugar and in your mouth... mmmmm. As well, this year Joannie Rochette is going to be skating (I saw Elvis Stojko two years ago, that dude can spin) and Top Chef Canada contestants will also be making an appearance. It wasn't a great season, but the first ones rarely are. And oh yeah, did I mention fried food? Tiny Toms? (those little doughnuts are reason enough to go).

Probably more interesting to you (if any of this stuff is) is that on Tuesday my aunt, The Butter Tart Queen, is going to take her pastry deficient nephew and knead him into a pastry slightly less deficient nephew. Pastry is my bane. It has broken me like so many Batmans (it only happened to Batman once, which is why I need to reference multiple Batmans) and I'm excited to have someone explain to me why I can consistently disprove the theory of "no-fail."

The rest of the week is up in the air. There may or may not be a plan to watch the entire Blu-Ray extended editions of Lord of the Rings, but I would rather not comment on that, lest you think I'm some type of uber geek. Oh and let's not forget pancakes, there's definitely going to be pancakes :).


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  1. I love fair food and vacations! I hope you can relax and enjoy the food! Can't wait for the MN state fair to begin next week. We have Tom Thumb donuts...or mini donuts..