08 December 2012

That was a long week

I'm back... I hope.

I guess I should start by apologizing to those who were reading regularly, this long absence was not planned, and I'm still not entirely sure how it happened. And the irony is not lost on me that just a few weeks prior to my last post, I had made a statement that I was going to refocus and post more often. Guess I blew that one.

I wasn't ignoring my blog, I just stopped baking. I stopped reading baking blogs that I've been following for years, and I stopped buying baking supplies. I've baked maybe a half dozen times in the last few months; and didn't do a thing for Thanksgiving. So what happened? Like I said I'm not completely sure, I suppose it is a combination of many things; but work and working out were probably the two major factors.

In five years, September was probably the most stressful month of work I've ever had; this was followed by an October and November that seemed even worse. Most days left me mentally drained, and when the weekend finally came, I was sleeping late and didn't feel like waking up to bake. Thankfully, things are calming down a bit; but I know it won't last.

The other, probably more significant event was that I stopped exercising.. again. I've been struggling with keeping a regular workout routine since I moved into my own place a year ago. For some reason I have not been able to keep it up for longer than a few months at a time. And this is coming from a person that during the previous five years was running four days a week, and at least 30km; with strength training on the other days. And then just when I thought I had something going, it happened again, and I stopped. My diet also started to go awry sometime in January of 2011, but it was offset by my workout schedule. However, after a year of not having a regular routine, it has obviously taken its toll. Not something makes you want to bake.

I'm hoping that by returning to blogging and baking I'll have an outlet for some stress again; and maybe it will kickstart my desire to workout, as it seems that somewhere along the way, the two became interdependent.

I plan to post the few new recipes from last couple of months soon (maybe two?). And my apologies again for just falling off the Earth. Sometimes it's not as round as you think.



  1. No need to apologize! I have had an INSANE load of work the past two weeks, and I've been haunted by guilt: "I run a baking blog and it's Christmastime! I should be posting everyday! But I need to afford to eat!" As a fellow runner, I also totally understand how sometimes healthy food that 'fuels runs' isn't always the most blog-worthy. (Chicken and broccoli--AGAIN! But I like it and its healthy!). Anyway, I'm glad you are okay, and so what if you do need to post the occasional tasty tuna salad recipe.

  2. I used to be a runner, I'm not anymore. I haven't run anywhere since January. I'd love to get back into it, but I can't find the drive I once had.
    It was nice to finally post something again, I have so much catching up to do with everyone's blogs, I haven't read anything in such a long time. And I'm glad you didn't given up on me :).

  3. Hi Adam,I'm just catching up with blog posting and reading. I totally know what you mean about the non posting thing. I think sometimes we need to take a little break and I think that's okay! Heck, I took months off. Could never seem to find the right time to bake something new...sometimes I actually did bake something new and it flopped!:( Blogging is a bit of work but it's fun...and that's one reason why we do it!

  4. Hi Susan!. I'm still struggling a bit to get back into a routine. Christmas and New Years don't help with that that's for sure :). I'm glad you back to blogging too :)! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I am glad you are back because I look forward to your humour as much as your recipes!