11 August 2013

Austin: Day Zero

I made it to Austin!


Flights were okay, I slept, I read, I watched WALL-E. My quick stop in Detroit didn't allow time to sit down, but I can confirm that construction of Delta City has yet to begin.

Cab ride from the airport was uneventful, but it left me with the initial impression that everything in Austin is too far away with nothing in-between. Oh, and it's too hot.

Check-in at the hotel went easy, the room is nice, much better than the last hotel I stayed in (*cough* Circus Circus *cough*). I asked the girls at the front desk where to eat and they suggested North by Northwest, which lo and behold, Anna also recommended. After checking their menu I determined I was in the mood for meatloaf.

I looked up how to get there (short walk), left the hotel, and immediately got lost. (At times like this I wish I had a smartphone).

I went back to my room, looked again, and headed back out. Halfway to the elevator I realized that I left my wallet and room key in my room. *sigh*

I proceeded to the front desk with a sad puppy dog look on my face and asked for another key.

When I finally made it to the restaurant, I was seated, ordered my meatloaf, opened my e-reader and waited for it to show up.

This is what came.

Before leaving I had actually checked out some pictures, but they were misleading. This was a huge slab of meat, maybe about two inches high; thankfully it was also a huge slab of tasty meat. The sides were also good. The beans were super crisp and tasty. They were perhaps a tad oily, but that's me knit-picking. Same thing with the mashed potatoes, good flavour, but if I had to complain about something they were a bit dry. However, the meatloaf was really good, I don't have any complaints about it, and the BBQ ketchup that topped it was nice. Not spicy in anyway, just ketchup with a tang.

I'd go back :).

Day Zero complete.



  1. Haha-glad you arrived safe and sound, but I find it funny that despite the heat you mentioned on FB, your first instinct was to gravitate to cold weather comfort food like meatloaf, beans, and mashed potatoes!

    1. I actually have no concept of foods for seasons. I'm not sure why. I guess everything was always on the menu when I was growing up, there weren't specific things for specific times of the year :).