06 August 2013

Oh, dogs. Sure, I like dags.

One of the things I agonize over the most is whether or not to get a dog. It's something I've gone back and forth on almost everyday for the last year and a half. The idea has become even more prevalent since my friends moved in with their dog Brinkley. Then exacerbated a few weeks ago when my brother got a puppy of his own. He's been obsessed with getting a dog since Ivy died last year. Now he spends nearly every moment of his day working with his puppy; when he's not in school of course, but I'm betting that that's all he thinks about while he's there too.

Granted, there is no way I would get a puppy, way too much work. I definitely don't have the time required to take care of a puppy. I also prefer the idea of adopting a dog, just because. Almost every day I look at the humane society websites to see what dogs are available. There have been a few over the last year that I was really strongly considering, but then almost had a sense of relief when they were adopted by someone else. Maybe that should be my answer?

Because I wonder if I can actually handle owning a dog. Even with an adult dog I worry about the work involved, the change to my routines, especially the ones that I've just gotten back into. Not to mention that the dog would be left alone between 7AM and 5:15PM everyday (okay maybe not that long right now, but eventually) which is a long time for a dog to be on his own (I think?). However, I also realize that this is probably the norm for most suburban and city dogs. There is also the cleanliness thing. I'm kind of anal in that regards sometimes (to my detriment) and I've had to make a lot of adjustments since Brinkley moved in (probably for the better). The dog drools a lot (like Turner and Hooch drool) and the thought of it all over the carpets and floors is enough to keep me up at night, not to mention the dog hair everywhere and the grime he must track in after a walk.

But I also see the other side that makes it worth it. The way that Brinkley follows my friends around, and Leto follows my brother. It's the kind of companionship that you really can't find anywhere else. I took Brinks for a few walks this weekend (something that I've only done in passing before) including an extra long one on Saturday. As we were walking there was just something incredibly peaceful about it that made the urge to adopt a dog even stronger. I realize that it may not feel that way all the time, everyone has bad days, but I also know that the good moments far out weigh the bad. Like watching Brinkley and Leto play all day on Saturday.

Brinkley and Leto. I mean, how cute is that?

My greatest fear is to adopt a dog and realize at some point that I've made a mistake.

Or that?

To conclude, I have no idea. Maybe I should just rent Brinkley for weekends :)?



  1. Aw...I understand your concerns and your need for a dog all too well since I am a single adult living alone.

    My solution was to get a very small dog, so I don't feel as bad leaving her in the house to run around in all day. Although I 'walk' her like a 'normal' dog to go out when I am home, she is also paper-trained, so if I am going to be gone all day, I just leave some newspaper for her in a litter box so she isn't uncomfortable.

    Would it be possible for someone else to check in/let out the dog during the day, at least during the first weeks when the dog was getting adjusted to your schedule?

    If you are still uncertain, there are also opportunities to foster dogs for weekends via rescue groups, which might allow you to 'get your feet wet' without the full commitment.

    I am sure you will make the right decision, whatever it is, since you have experience caring for a dog and you want a dog for all the right reasons.

    1. Yeah, part of my problem is that I like bigger dogs. Huskies especially, which I don't think fit my "lifestyle" -- whatever that is.
      For the time being there will be someone home to let the dog out earlier, because my friends get home before me. In the future, I might be able to find someone to let the dog out, but I dunno if I want to burden family. However, I could possibly/probably find a dog walker (though I don't know if I'd want them in my house).
      I haven't actually thought about fostering, but that is definitely a possibility. Granted, I'd probably end up adopting the first dog I fostered :).
      It's too bad cats are jerks :).

    2. Re: Cats--I like cats...other people's cats, but can't imagine sharing my home with one. Unless they are a purely outdoor cat, they also actually seem more 'high-maintenance' than dogs, given the litter box smell, scratching, and shedding in weird places.

      Huskies are beautiful but you would definitely have to get up early every morning to run a husky to get its energy 'out'--even during Canadian winters!

      Since you have 'help,' now sounds like a great time to foster! See, I am enabling you...but it would be a way to 'test the waters.' You also might find a dog that really suits your needs, like perhaps a husky cross with a smaller breed or a slightly older dog without the tiny bladder of a puppy.