14 September 2013

Thinking Thoughts...

- I bought a "Smart Phone." The Google LG Nexus 4. My friends welcomed me to the 21st century. I thought that was a bit much

- It's a really nice phone and I'm actually happy that I didn't go with an iPhone.

- Setting up the phone through my company's corporate plan has been extremely painful. Even though I own the phone I will still be on contract. Dumb.

- I've had the phone in my possession since Tuesday; I can't use it as a phone yet.

- My brother's dog is nuts.

- The dog that lives in my house is nuts.

- I will be in Austin for almost two weeks in October. Crazy.

- I am not unhappy that the summer is almost gone.

- We got an Espresso machine at work. It cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of 900 dollars. Broken in two weeks.

- Breaking Bad is too good for words.

- I am happy with who won So You Think You Can Dance this season but also not happy they won.

- Once you put anything other than cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich, it ceases to be a grilled cheese sandwich.

- Is my family the only one that puts Cheez Whiz on toast?

- I really really like starbursts. A lot.

- I just started book 9 of the Ender's Saga, and I only started reading them this year. I've also read Ender's Game twice this year. That might make me obsessed. NOVEMBER 1ST!

- Apparently I don't mind Mint M&Ms. This is shocking to me as I don't particularily like chocolate and mint.

- Greasy Pawn Stars (AKA Hardcore Pawn) is my new guilty pleasure.

- If you're not watching Avatar: The Legend of Korra, you should be.

- Raspberry M&Ms are good.

- Eating cheesecake with someone else is much better than eating it shamefully by yourself.



  1. Aww...your last comment made me think of "The Golden Girls" which involved all of the women guiltily eating cheesecake together at the end of the episode. I'm not so sure about the grilled cheese principle, though--even BACON? And you know, I'm not sure I've ever had Cheez Whiz before (maybe on really bad Mexican food in grade school) but certainly never on toast. I still have a dumb phone.

    1. Not exactly what I was going for on the cheesecake, but still good :).
      Yup even Bacon.. you can't just call it a grilled cheese sandwich at that point and I think the focus becomes the bacon. The beauty of the grilled cheese sandwich is that the cheese is the star, which I don't feel is the case if you add something like bacon.... Oh.. and don't even get me started on people who put tomatoes and garbage in them :).
      I love cheez whiz... it's so good... apparently it's the traditional cheese on a philly cheesesteak.. but that's actually the last place I want to eat it.

  2. I agree with your assessment of the tomatoes (shockingly enough, despite being from NJ, I am not a huge tomato fan). The watery consistency of the tomatoes makes the bread soggy and overwhelms the cheese. Ditto with very 'damp' meat like ham and turkey. But bacon is kind of drier...although I usually eat both bacon and (good) cheese on their own, to appreciate their awesomeness in solitude.

    I've never had a Croque Mouseiur or Madame but tuna melts totally skeeve me out.

    1. I love Tomatoes (as much as you can love a Tomato) just not on my grilled cheese :).

      I've never had a tuna melt. How do you melt tuna? *he said with a snicker* :).

    2. Be glad you haven't! Warm tuna...melted cheese...

      This actually makes it look good, but it just isn't my thing. Hey, you love tuna--idea for a blog post ;) ?


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