30 October 2014

Thinking Thoughts 22-10-2014

View from the hotel room
The following was written on a plane back to Toronto between 9PM and 10PM EST on 22-10-2014.

- I'm on a plane coming back from Austin Texas right now.

- Yes, again.

- It has been a long time since I've written anything for this blog or really anything other than emails at work.

- I really haven't been baking. Though I do have a few recipes that I want to post and hopefully will be posting soon.

- I was in Austin again for a conference, thankfully only four days this time, not two weeks like last.

- The food wasn't as good.

- I don't want to knock the people who worked hard to put the entire thing together, but when you're going to Texas for a conference people expect barbecue, not hamburgers one night and mini-hamburgers the next night.

- Myself and a few of my team had a barbecue fix this afternoon. We ate a lot. It was good. We were satisfied.

18 June 2014

Nutella Biscotti

So here’s the deal. I really like biscotti. I just forget how much I like it until I’m eating it. It’s a strange thing. I made a batch of peanut butter biscotti for a potluck at work and was like “oh yeah, these are good.

As a result, when a certain special someone said she wanted to bake something one Sunday afternoon I decided that I needed more biscotti and seeing as I had some Nutella to use up, it was a perfect fit.

05 June 2014

Thinking Thoughts 05-06-2014

- Drive-ins are still fantastic.

- Parents are being cautioned that if they want to purchase Frozen merchandise for Christmas they should start buying it now, which is both insane and terrifying at the same time.

- Christmas is only about six months away, also insane and terrifying.

- I was part of Color (sic) Me Rad last weekend. I was blowing Rainbows out of my nose until sometime on Monday.

- The people throwing the coloured cornstarch took way too much pleasure in pelting me in the side of the head.

- My girlfriend and her friend took way too much pleasure laughing at the purple cornstarch caked into my left ear and the orange cornstarch caked into my right ear.

- It was still fun

- Don’t tell anyone I said that.

08 April 2014

Your Cheatin' Heart

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm having an affair with another breakfast place. When I wrote this post a few years ago I never thought I could love another breakfast place as much as I loved that one. Sure I had had some places on the side, but nothing serious. All that has changed.

My Don Draper-esque tryst of culinary infidelity started a few months ago. My last few visits to my usual place were a little lack luster; leaving my breakfast desires somewhat unfulfilled. So my eyes wondered, searching for another. I had a place a tad farther away that was a little less busy, who made banana pancakes with bananas baked in. True, the pancakes on their own weren't as good (still very good), but when I had a craving for banana pancakes, I had nowhere else to go. My earlier dissatisfaction coupled with stories of slower service and smaller pancakes means I haven't been back to Norval since late last year.

06 April 2014

Maple Oat Bread

After my last post (wow, almost a month ago now) I realized that I lied to the tens of my readers. I actually did bake something in the time between Christmas and that post. I had just completely forgotten. And not for any good reason, this was an excellent recipe that delivered in pretty much every way you could want a maple oatmeal bread to deliver. I mean, I'm writing a post about it, so that must mean something.