11 September 2010

It's our one month, wanna go steady?

No one probably realized this, I was barely aware myself, but last week was the one month anniversary of my blog. Like any new and budding relationship the one month mark requires some type of celebration and boy do I have one for you :). Just to tease you a bit: Tomorrow, I'm going to post a recipe that will finally give you what you all want, what you have all been craving. That's right, tomorrow you will get your wish (and mine) and I will post a recipe based on Peanut Butter. Don't worry I'll wait for your applause and cheering to stop.


Okay good :).

I'd like to thank anyone who has been reading this stuff. Being able to keep this going for over a month solidifies my belief that I can actually do this and continue doing it. I didn't actually know if I would be able to, and I put off starting this for a long time because I was worried I would just give up on it. So, if you've been reading, thanks so much. I honestly can't believe anyone (even though 99.9% are friends and family) would want to read anything I write, especially this nonsense :).

I have to send out a few special “Thank Yous” to my parents, brother and his girlfriend who I mercilessly shove baked goods in front of that I expect to be eaten :). Although I haven't received too many complaints (the odd, you're gonna make me fat joke :)), I'm sure my bugging them to finish what I bake is not always as pleasant as it might seem :).

Also, thanks to my other brother's girlfriend who came over a few weeks ago and brought me a few blondies that she had made based on the recipe I posted here. As far as I know this was the first time anyone had attempted any of “my” recipes. I have to say they were definitely good, and it was nice to have someone else bake something for me to eat :).

Oh and to my Aunt who I found out recently is the reason I have four dozen frozen bananas in my freezer right now. Yeah, thanks for that, my family thanks you too :) :P.

Alright, enough with this mushy stuff. Hopefully the next time I do one of these it will be a year from now and my ridiculous rantings and ramblings haven't driven you all away :).

Thanks for reading.

~ Adam


  1. Always a pleasure to read anything you write.M

  2. AHEM... How about a brother so SWEET he got DIABETES!?

  3. ... and today (or, well the day this was posted... not this comment, but this entry) is my birthday too.