13 September 2011

An amendment of sorts... Post 100.5?

Sorry no butter tarts yet. This is actually an amendment to post 100. I realized just now that I completely forgot to thank my uncle for helping me out on Friday. Not only giving me some advice about the new home but also keeping me company for the nearly the entire day as I stressed about the internet; a problem he was integral to solving. And he didn't just keep me company he also bought me a frozen pizza to test my oven (no doubt a tear rolling down my grandmother's cheek as I opened the package), and some ice cream to "test" my freezer :). The only conclusion I can surmise for my forgetfulness is that of a latent result of the childhood trauma he subjected me to :).

So thanks Uncle D, you kept me a little more sane and a little less panicked. Sorry I neglected you the first time :) (but you probably deserved it :)).


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