12 September 2011

This is not post 100. This is just a tribute.

Number 100. I wish I had something to say other than that, but I really don't. I know, I know, you all thought this was going to be the butter tart recipe, but when I noticed that the next post was 100 I decided that I would mention it. It seems like a relatively significant milestone though it also seems like a lot of these milestones have been happening all at once; and not just those regarding my blog, but also those in my life. Everything is crazy.

While I have your attention, I wanted to give everyone an update on what's been going on with me and to warn once again that upcoming posts are likely to be a little more sporadic and might lack some of my patented attempts (and failures) at humour. It has been an exhausting couple of days and I think it might be this way for a while. I am now officially moved into my new house. It's so quiet and terrifying.

There was a lot going on this weekend aside from my move, so I haven't spent a lot of time at my house (*shudder*) but last night was my third night here. The move itself went smoothly enough. We managed to move nearly everything on the first day (Thursday). I spent most of Friday afternoon trying to figure out why the internet wasn't working and upon discovering why it wasn't working, I spent most of the Friday evening cursing the builders who didn't hook the lines up properly. I then promptly signed up for Netflix and took full advantage of my new internet service by watching some bad movies.

I have to say a huge thank you to my brother, grandfather, aunt and cousin for helping with the move but an ultra huge ridiculously large thank you to my grandmother and mother who pretty much cleaned the entire house and everything in it while we were moving. I couldn't have done it without them.

Needless to say it was a stress filled and highly emotional few days, culminating with yesterday when I showed up at my parent's place (weird to say) with coffee in the morning (per usual). My mom treated us all to a terrific french toast breakfast and then I returned for dinner where she prepared another wonderful meal (as always). It was rough leaving my home, and it was rough coming to my house. The realization suddenly dawned on me that with work beginning Monday morning I was no longer on a strange vacation in someone else's house. It was suddenly my house and my family wasn't in it.

But I guess those feeling will fade with time and this house will become my home.

Thanks again everyone for helping me the last few days, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Love you all.

(Especially you Mom)


P.S. I promise the butter tarts soon :)


  1. What a blessing to have such supportive and helpful people in your life. Congrats on the move!

  2. I felt some trepidation the first time I moved out. You are lucky to have family (that you get along with) close by to smooth out the transition! Your post is a well-written thank you to your family. Waiting for pictures POST move and for you to stock your kitchen and get bakin'!

  3. Thanks Lynn :) And not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for my family. I am an extremely lucky person.
    Don't worry Gloria, as soon as I figure out exactly where things need to go in my kitchen, I'll have some pictures up :). If there is one thing about this house that I love it's my kitchen, hopefully I'll get some baking done soon :).