17 August 2013

Austin: Complete

Thoughts: written between the hours of 8PM and 9PM EST.

- Free wireless internet should be mandatory at the airport. People are already tired and cranky from flying and/or waiting, why prevent them from connecting with family? Are you really that hard up for money?

- Not enough people said y'all in Austin. Now that I'm in Georgia, waiting for my connecting flight, I really want someone to call me sugar.

- I wish I was better at randomly striking up conversations with people.

- I waited over five hours for my flight today because I had nothing to do after my meetings. See the first note and the one directly above for more insight.

- I kinda just want to get home.

- When I went out for dinner on Wednesday night, I finally saw someone with a cowboy hat and boots.

- Wanting to see that probably makes me a jerk (the y'all, and sugar thing probably do too).

- Forest Gump is a fantastic movie, sometimes I forget that. It kept me company Monday night when I couldn't sleep.

- Why are jalapeƱos served with, in, or on-top of nearly everything I ordered in Austin?

- The washrooms in the building I had my training doesn't have automatic faucets, this lead to me standing in front of the sink wondering what was wrong with the water.

- Mary mentioned that I ordered a lot of cold weather food on Sunday despite being so hot. It occurred to me that seasonal food is not a concept for me. The two exceptions are my Grandmother's Italian Wedding soup, only served at Christmas; and eggnog (and that's a drink).

- Speaking of Christmas. A conversation with my instructor about Christmas music made me curious as to the quality of -Christmas dubstep. A quick search lead me to this. Awesome!

- Lidia guessed my age as 25, that was funny (I'm 32 fyi).

- I dislike airports; not as much as hospitals. I hate hospitals.

- I didn't make all of my meetings this morning. They were booked at 10AM I assumed CST, apparently it was EST. There was enough time to inquire and introduce myself to the VIPs I missed, but I kinda wanted to go.

- And wait at the airport for five hours.

- In Austin the cab driver that drove me from the airport couldn't turn off his turn signal to save his life. The cab driver that took me back to the airport was originally from NY, a certifiable conspiracy theorist, and kind of angry; but he seemed like a nice guy.

- I can't imagine the amount of garbage that airline frontline workers put up with on a regular basis from irate/crazy customers. I couldn't do it.

- I guess I'm going to have to finish this when I get back home. See the first note again.

- I just dripped coffee on my damned shirt. I like this shirt.

- I'm hungry.

See you in October Austin
Thoughts: After getting home at 12:30AM

- Pilots have the best jobs.

- It's good to be home.

Austin Complete



  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm glad you had time to enjoy yourself on a business-oriented trip! I too am surprised you only saw one person in cowboy boots, but then again perhaps expatriate Texans feel more of a need to wear them when they are in other states than when at home...

    1. Yeah, it was good. When I go back in October I'm going to have to hit up some better barbecue. Lack of car for myself kinda sucked, but thankfully the people in my class were nice enough to drive me around. Definitely glad to be home :).

      And you're very welcome :).