15 August 2013

Austin: Day Four

Okay I think I'm done. I'm ready to go home. Need to get back to my house and some food that doesn't have jalapeños in it :).

The morning started as my instructor promised with a giant donut, some regular donuts and donuts with hotdogs in them...


I guess it's the Texan take on pigs in a blanket? Like everything else in Texas the hotdog (my instructor called it a sausage, it's not a sausage) was a bit spicy because it was made with jalapeños, but it wasn't over done. It was also spiced well otherwise. There was a little bit of cheese on top and all of it was wrapped in a bread that was a tad sweet, like a Portuguese sweet bread but more of a bun in texture. It was better than I expected that's for sure. I forgot to ask where they came from.

Then there were the donuts from the famous Round Rock Donut shop. So good and well known are they that my brother had to email me about them the other day. However, if not for my instructor I would have never been able to try them. They were excellent, and so fresh. I wish I could have had them warm. I mean, what else can you say? They were extremely good donuts. I preferred the glazed one over the chocolate, but that's par for me. The Texas size donut was the same as the regular chocolate, just way impressive. Again, for science, I made sure I sampled everything.

Lunch was from Texadelphia. They apparently serve authentic Philly cheesesteaks, as well as one with a Texas spin. I got neither. I love cheese, I love cheese whiz, but I don't really want Cheez Whiz style sauces on my sandwich. Instead, I got steak, mozzarella and marinara. The sandwich was good, nothing to write home about though. The beef had decent flavour, the cheese was invisible, and the marinara sauce tasted like it came from a jar, even though it was fresh. The whole thing was also super soggy, despite having to add the sauce myself.

However, it came with some fresh tortilla chips and a really nice salsa. Those were both fantastic. Best of all were the fried pickles, something I'd never tried before. They tasted almost exactly like dill pickle chips, only better :).

I also ordered a lemon square. It was decent. Not too sweet.

So that's that. Maybe I'll go see a movie tonight. I'd like to hit up a grocery store for some unfrosted pop-tarts, and my brother wants hot sauce.

Tomorrow morning I've got meetings with some bigwigs. I'm going to try really hard not to embarrass myself. Then it's off to the airport and back home. Flight comes into Toronto at 12AM.

Day Four complete.



  1. Hot dogs in doughnuts? Wow--I have NEVER seen that and I live in a Shore town where hot dogs are newsworthy. That chocolate 'slab' of a pastry looks intriguing--your instructor sounds like a real 'foodie.'

    I didn't know they didn't have unfrosted Pop-Tarts in Canada!

    1. Yeah, no frosted pop-tarts drives me crazy. I dislike frosted pop-tarts. They haven't had the unfrosted kind since I was a kid.

      Yeah, I guess that explains why Pizza hut thinks it's okay to put it in their pizza crust. I mean where else are they going to go?

      She was a pretty big foodie. The donut slab (from the giant donut) was good, though I would have loved it even more if it was a giant unglazed donut :).

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