26 October 2013

Thinking Thoughts 25-10-2013 (and a little after)

The following was written on my plane home from my connecting flight in Chicago to Toronto

- Almost home, though I suppose by the time I get to post this I will be home.

- I have everything pretty much written up about my food adventures this trip but it needs to be edited.

- Plane was late taking off from Chicago because the co-pilot was late, because he was on a plane from San Antonia that was also late. Fun.

- Chicago is a stupid large airport.

- On the last flight there was a big guy waiting in line to use the washroom with both his gut and crotch in my face.

- I think I had Laffy Taffy for the first time during this trip.

- Laffy Taffy kind of looks like Silly Putty.

- But tastes great.

- Have I mentioned that I like Starbursts?

- 'Cause I do

- During training (same place as last time) I walked away from the sinks more than once with the water running, forgetting once again, that nothing is automated in their washrooms.

- Just this second the drink cart came through. I was tired of getting gipped on my Diet Coke during the flight, so I asked for no ice, dude gave me the whole can. WIN!

- I am unable to sleep in absolute silence.

- After 8 days of alright to not good sleeping I discovered that youtube has 8 hour videos of fan noise. Slept pretty good last night as a result.

- Until the video ran out and a very loud Youtube advertisement started playing.

- Apparently milk in coffee is not a thing in the U.S.? There was never any available. And the girl at the Chicago airport McDonalds (one of many I'm assuming) didn't seem to know what we were talking about. They almost opened a container of milk to give me some. What's up with that?

- I still forgot to buy unfrosted Pop Tarts.

- Though I did manage to get tiny souvenirs for everyone.

- The woman at the souvenir store wanted to be nice when she found out we were from Toronto and said "merci beaucoup" and "au revoir" as we were walking away. I felt bad.

- Granted, I'm the same person that wanted everyone in Austin to wear a full cowboy outfit and say y'all a lot.

- I did notice the person working the front desk of our hotel this morning said y'all a lot.

- That was pretty great.

- I can't wait for this plane to land.

The following was written just now

- When I finally got to the exit of the airport, I was met by a special someone who I totally did not expect and couldn't have been more happy to see. My best friends set it all up. They're amazing.


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  1. I'm glad you are home, since so many of your posts on FB sounded homesick, although your food (especially the beef) sounded fabulous. I hope you're enjoying some good cereal right now!